Join Our Transatlantic Beer Adventure

Over the past decade, there has been a radical change in the way people view what’s in their glass. Increasing numbers of free-minded, individual radicals are questioning the dominance of mass-produced, bland, and uninspiring beverages – people just like you.

The craft beer movement in-particular, has demonstrated people’s thirst for something different, and with America leading the way, the world is waking up to endless flavour possibilities.

Bringing you the sensuous delights of beer from a transatlantic perspective.

Both sides of the atlantic are experiencing their own form of change, with British & North American producers constantly looking to each other for inspiration. The result is a seemingly ping-pong style talkback, which results in exciting fusions for drinkers.

Transatlantic Brews (TA Brews), was setup by 2 passionate beer enthusiast form both sides of the atlantic. Our mission is to make you a more informed consumer. We want our readers to reject the mass produced excuse for beer that still dominates the market on both sides of the atlantic; because, quite frankly – you deserve better.

If you share our values, you’ve come to the right place!