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Join our Transatlantic beer adventure.

Welcome to Transatlantic Brews, the place where beer enthusiasts on both sides of the pond come to learn about beer, share their experience, and ultimately enjoy a better brew.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Transatlantic brews was set up by two beer enthusiasts from both sides of the atlantic, Marc Henshall and Ryan Ponto. Marc spent countless trips back and forth between the UK and Canada before the concept of building a website began. Like most good ideas, of course, the concept began in a pub…

After countless exchanges over more beers than we care to mention, and with a firm belief that consumer habits were changing, we set out to document the craft beer revolution on both sides of the atlantic.

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Transatlantic Brews is a website dedicated to better quality beer and the cultural significance on both sides of the pond.

Over recent years, there’s been a sea-change in the way beer is consumed on both side of the atlantic. The world is demanding a better quality drink, and the popularity of mass produced brands is on the wane.

Brewers in North America and Europe are taking influence from one another – helping to resurrect and further develop the great brews of yesteryear. Transatlantic Brews was created to celebrate this alliance and help drive the revolution forward.

Our mission is to make understanding beer simple – we want you to enjoy a better pint.

What you can expect from us:

Throughout our site, you’ll find useful facts about beer, articles on beer culture, and experiences you can share – no matter what side of the pond you call home.

We believe the world deserves better than mass produced, industrialised fizz. Join us in demanding a better quality drink.

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