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Let us introduce you to the team

Meet Marc

me-circle-smallMarc is based in the UK and previously lived in British Columbia, Canada. TA Brews was born from countless trips back and forth, and more than a few beers shared with TA Brews team member, Ponto.

When he’s not sipping a super-dry stout or a beautifully hopped IPA, Marc enjoys playing guitar, recording music, and collecting records.

Favorite Beers – Edwin Taylor Extra Stout, Thornbridge Jaipur

Meet Ponto

ryanRyan is our North American beer expert based in Canada. With a firm belief in the cultural importance of beer in our society and throughout history, Ponto was more than happy to team up with Marc for what some might call a thinly disguised set of drinking holidays.

When Ponto’s not savoring a warming barley wine, he also enjoys playing drums, listening to Jazz records, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Favorite beers – Thor’s Hammer (because, mythical creatures)